ADDED ON: 10/06/2021

Gay Brazilian senator confronts pro-Bolsonaro businessman

10/05/2021 | Washington Blade

Brazilian Sen. Fabiano Contarato on Sept. 30 won praise across the country when he publicly confronted homophobic social media attacks. In a session of the Senate’s Parliamentary Inquiry Committee that is investigating Brazil’s response to the pandemic, Contarato, the country’s first openly gay senator, made a historic speech. As businessman Otávio Fakhoury testified, Contarato, who was presiding over the hearing, questioned him about a homophobic social media post that personally attacked the senator. Fakhoury, a known supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, is suspected of funding a fake news scheme during the pandemic. Fakhoury’s post, mocking a spelling error in one of Contarato’s tweets, implied that the senator was flirting in the committee. “You are not a teenager. You are married, you have children. Your family is no better than mine,” Contarato told the businessman.


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