ADDED ON: 08/09/2018

Gay and Lesbian Network Faces Closure Due to Cash Crisis

08/08/2018 | Times Live

The Gay and Lesbian Network says it will have to shut its doors unless they get a R600‚000 windfall. The Pietermaritzburg-based organisation was founded in 2003 and since its inception has been able to assist over 200‚000 people. Working at grassroots levels‚ the organisation offers counselling‚ legal and medical assistance to victims of hate crime. They also use theatre to raise awareness and conduct workshops relating to the lesbian‚ gay‚ bisexual‚ transgender‚ queer or questioning‚ intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA) community. In a plea for help posted recently on crowdfunding site‚ the organisation said: “It would be a pity if our doors would close‚ as LGBTI people across KwaZulu-Natal would continue to face discrimination and experience secondary victimisation at the hands of government service providers‚ bullying at schools‚ unresolved hate crimes‚ suicidal thoughts‚ low self-esteem and rejection by families and communities.”


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