ADDED ON: 02/27/2022

Gay Afghan wounded in Taliban stabbing feels ‘alone’ during LGBT+ History Month

2/27/2022 | The Independent

A gay, non-binary Afghan has told of how they were left “injured and alone” after suffering severe injuries in a knife attack by the Taliban, as thousands in the queer community continue to face persecution “in a society that has turned against them”. Sara, who did not want their last name included, was left with 18 wounds after the attack in Kabul, including gashes along their legs, stomach, and back. Having been rescued and relocated away from the capital, they told the PA news agency they feel “hopeless” after finding their life in the hands of the Taliban last week. The 23-year-old said: “(The attackers) said, ‘Shame on you, it is our time to finish people like you.’ “I wanted to escape but, unfortunately, I couldn’t. I lay down, then lost consciousness… when I opened my eyes I was in hospital. “They didn’t take my things because they were not thieves, they were the Taliban.” Sara added they have not celebrated LGBT+ History Month, which takes place across the entire month of February, due to their injuries. “I’m not celebrating this month, I’m injured,” they said.


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