ADDED ON: 07/10/2018

Gay Activists Protest Russia’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws With ‘hidden Flag’ During World Cup

07/09/2018 | The Hill

LGBTQ activists from around the world gathered in Russia this weekend to protest Russia’s anti-gay policies. The six activists, wearing colorful soccer jerseys from their home countries, created what they called a “hidden flag” as they walked side by side throughout Moscow. The jerseys from Spain, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia together made up a rainbow, similar to the well-known LGBTQ pride flag. The Hidden Flag project staged the protest this week because the world’s attention is focused heavily on Russia as the World Cup inches towards its final stages, according to their website. Russia in 2013 passed a “gay propaganda” ban, making it illegal to promote a host of topics associated with LGBTQ+ rights, including the pride flag.


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