ADDED ON: 11/12/2022

Gandhara Briefing: Taliban Targets Universities; Women Barred From Parks; Gay Afghan Men Fear Persecution

11/11/2022 | Gandhara

RFE/RL’s Radio Azadi reports on the Taliban cracking down on Afghan universities, which have become a hotbed of anti-Taliban protests led by female students. In the latest incident, the Taliban beat up dozens of female students who staged a rally on October 30 outside their university in Badakhshan. The incident came after a group of women were barred from entering the campus because of their appearance. “The beatings and the discriminatory rules are aimed at preventing us from protesting and silencing the voices of women,” said Nahid, one of the women who protested outside Badakhshan University. “We resisted and kept protesting even after we were beaten,” said Nadia, another protesting student. “Ultimately, we overcame the pressure and went to our classes.” Hadia Tooba, a women’s rights activist, said that while the “rest of the world is obsessed with development and improving their lives” the Taliban is “preoccupied with the colors of our veils.”


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