ADDED ON: 12/24/2020

Furious parents hold terrifying protest outside school after finding out principal is gay

12/24/2020 | Pink News

Furious parents held a protest outside a school in Medan, Indonesia demanding that the principal resign after he was outed as gay on social media.Dozens of parents gathered outside the school on Wednesday (23 December) holding placards that read: “Protect our children, don’t wait for victims,” according to Kumparan.One parent told local reporters that the principal, who has not been publicly named, was outed as gay on Facebook in April of this year. “This case is a long time ago, four months ago it went viral on Facebook, which revealed the nature of the relationship between the principal and his male friend,” a parent called Raiman said. The parent said the school principal later admitted having sexual relationships with men, but said doing so was a “mistake” and that he would refrain from doing so again. “We are afraid, because on Facebook, it was said that he had not only once, but several times [had sex] with other men,” the parent added. Parents in Indonesia claimed gay principal could abuse children.


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