ADDED ON: 07/16/2020

From victim to protector: Pakistan’s first trans cop fights for justice

07/15/2020 | Reuters

After enduring death threats, transphobic slurs and sexual harassment at college, Pakistan’s first trans police officer Reem Sharif now shields other trans people from abuse. In her first two months as a trans victim support officer, Sharif helped 16 trans people in Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, as well as receiving about 40 trans visitors who came to the station “out of curiosity”. “The other day we got a call from a trans woman that her brothers had threatened to kill her. I went and talked them into accepting that who they thought was their brother had always been a sister,” said 32-year-old Sharif. “In another (case), a tenant was being thrown out of her home for being a trans person and I was able to stop that,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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