ADDED ON: 11/27/2019

From the US to Peru, these ‘parent groups’ targeting sex education are all backed by the Christian right

11/24/2019 | Open Democracy

In the US, numerous ‘concerned parent’ and ‘mommy groups’ have taken stands against LGBTIQ justice, comprehensive sex education and ‘drag queen story hours’. But many of these groups are not as independent as they seem. Far from what most people have in mind when they imagine grassroots groups, a closer look at the individuals and networks involved in these ‘parent associations’ reveals numerous ties to organised Christian right movements. Beneath a thin veneer of independence, they are connected to and supported by strategic and well-resourced Evangelical and Catholic conservative campaigns that are promoting the myth of ‘gender ideology’ internationally. The term ‘gender ideology’ was first introduced by the Vatican two decades ago, to oppose advances in sexual and reproductive rights and cast them as an ‘ideology’. Since then, it’s also become the target of supposedly parent-led campaigns against LGBTIQ-inclusive sex education from the US to Peru.


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