ADDED ON: 07/30/2018

From the Americas to the Far East, Courts Are Advancing LGBT Rights

07/30/2018 | Human Rights Watch

In January, a colleague of mine at Human Rights Watch predicted that 2018 would be the “year of the courts” for LGBT people’s rights. Seven months into the year, courts around the world have indeed come down with important rulings that help secure those rights. In April, a High Court in Trinidad & Tobago held that the country’s sodomy laws, which criminalized homosexual conduct, were unconstitutional. In Lebanon, media reports indicate that the Mount Lebanon Appeals Court upheld in a July ruling the 2017 acquittal of nine people prosecuted for homosexual conduct. In Bermuda, the Supreme Court held in a June 6 ruling that sections of a recent law that revoked the right to same-sex marriage were invalid because they favored “one set of beliefs about marriage over another” and were therefore inconsistent with provisions in the Bermudan Constitution that guarantee the right to freedom of conscience and creed.


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