ADDED ON: 12/27/2019

From parades to punishments: 10 headline LGBT+ stories in 2019

12/25/2019 | Reuters

Millions of people joined Pride marches around the world in 2019 and gay, bisexual and transgender rights were increasingly in the spotlight, with some countries legalizing gay marriage while other mulled the death penalty for same-sex relations. The year also marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots against police brutality in New York City, which triggered the modern movement for LGBT+ rights in Western countries. Here are 10 stories from a year of change for many LGBT+ people around the world: 1. Brunei and Uganda death penalty for gay sex In March it was revealed that the small East Asian country of Brunei was planning to implement changes to its Islamic penal code that would impose death by stoning for same-sex intimacy.


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