ADDED ON: 03/03/2022

Four Ukraine LGBTQ activists attacked inside Kyiv office

03/01/2022 | Washington Blade

An LGBTQ rights group in Ukraine on Tuesday said a group of “bandits” broke into their office in the country’s capital and attacked four activists who were inside. Nash Mir Coordinator Andriy Maymulakhin in an email to supporters wrote that “some unknown people broke (the) door in our office in” Kyiv where four of his colleagues were living and “brutally beat them and robbed (them.)” “We do not know who they are,” said Maymulakhin, who noted the assailants had guns. “They humiliated my friends. They are bandits.” Maymulakhin said his four colleagues are now at a “shelter” in Kyiv. An LGBTQ activist in the Ukrainian capital with whom the Washington Blade spoke on Tuesday confirmed the Nash Mir staffers who were attacked “are safe.” It is not immediately clear who carried out the attack, but it took place against the backdrop of Russian troops’ continued advance towards Kyiv.


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