ADDED ON: 12/19/2020

Forum focused on the importance of LGBTQ rights in Central America

12/18/2020 | The Los Angeles Blade

As part of the commemoration of International Human Rights Day, the organization Visibles de Guatemala, held a virtual forum on LGBTQ rights in Central America from December 9 to 12 with the theme “Rights Here and Now”. The forum was held under the premise of being a space for meeting, political dialogue, learning, and defining strategies. Given the current context of emergency and closure of spaces that has been experienced globally, organizations have been fundamental in supporting the most affected people, including LGBTQ and intersex people, which is why the creation of these spaces. “The first objective of this space is to document and make visible the impact and contributions of LGBTIQ people and organizations in Central America, to position the important work in support of the community and also generate inputs for political advocacy in their respective countries and internationally”, says Luis Barrueto, part of the Visibles team at the opening event of the virtual forum. “This is also a space to think about building a different policy and thinking about strategies to advance the shared objectives.” Due to the new reality that is being lived, Visibles saw an opportunity in the virtual world to get closer to the international LGBTQ community and thus guarantee a greater participation of organizations and its population. In the first session, they sought to generate a series of ideas for action and in this way inspire activists to generate dialogues that begin to generate changes, while calling on each participant to make the activity more visible, making publications with the hashtag # RightsAquíyAhora. “This forum is important to remember the obligations that States have and to be able to discuss what are the best strategies that civil society organizations can have,” said Bruno Rodríguez, advisor to the presidency of the Inter-American Court of Rights. Humans (IACHR). “The inter-American system, the inter-American court, has stated that it is not possible to discriminate or exercise violence against LGBTIQ persons and has especially emphasized that the rights of LGBTIQ persons are Human Rights, and to the extent that we all fight for that that is respected, it will be when we can truly be free and equal ”, he concluded in his participation.


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