ADDED ON: 12/04/2021

Former Owner of Moscow Gay Club Brings BK’s Russian-Speaking Queer Community Together

12/3/21 | BKReader

Three years ago this week, Leo Allenby arrived in New York, leaving Russia after an attack left him with injuries so severe he required surgery. As the owner of a gay club in Moscow, Allenby had been the subject of incessant threats. When he was finally physically attacked, the police refused to do anything about it. “I tried to get justice, but the police and prosecutors refused to investigate the attack on me because I am the owner of a gay club,” he said. “Moreover, they threatened me to hand me over to the occupying Russian authorities in Chechnya, who could have killed me.” Now, Allenby is working to create a safe and inclusive space for Brooklyn’s Russian-speaking queer community. On Dec. 12, he will host DISCOtheQue, a holiday celebration for the Russian-speaking queer community featuring some of the biggest stars in Russian-speaking queer world.


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