ADDED ON: 12/18/2022

Forgotten victims of Indonesia’s new sex outside marriage ban

12/17/2022 | News AU

Sweeping changes to Indonesia’s laws, which will make sex between unmarried partners illegal, has made headlines around the world. Much of the global bewilderment has been on how that might affect couples visiting tourist hot spots like Bali. But there’s another group who are far more fearful of the new criminal code which has been branded “dangerous”. “We’re worried. News outlets are focusing on the extramarital sex too much but the new law is not only about that,” Indonesian LGBTI organisation Gaya Nusantara’s secretary Purba Widnyana told Homosexuality is not illegal at the national level in the mostly Muslim nation which constitutionally is secular. Nonetheless, it is mostly frowned upon and in some regions has been made all but illegal at the local level.


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