ADDED ON: 07/08/2021

For Turkey’s LGBT+ community, discrimination said to loom larger

07/06/2021 | Reuters

Cayan Hakiki trimmed their finger nails and scrubbed off the polish last week in order to take Turkish university entrance exams without being hassled, as advocacy groups say LGBT+ people face increasingly open discrimination. “I didn’t want any problems at the entrance,” Hakiki, 23, told Reuters at home in the capital Ankara. Hakiki identifies as “lubunya” in Turkish, a term that refers to people who identify with LGBT+ culture but for which there is no direct translation. “We are subject to all kinds of violence from the moment we begin to exist as an LGBTI+ person, whether from people on the street, the government or the police.” Advocates say crackdowns on Pride events and other curbs on free speech and assembly reflect the government’s heavier hand including recent open denunciations of the LGBTI community.


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