ADDED ON: 06/07/2020

For Pride, NOM’s Brian Brown Touts Trump’s Rolling Back Of LGBT ‘Victories’ Under Obama

06/06/2020 | On Top Magazine

In a fundraising email to supporters, Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), touted President Donald Trump’s rolling back of LGBT “victories” under former President Barack Obama. For over a decade, NOM has been at the forefront of denying gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. After the Supreme Court in 2015 struck down state laws and constitutional amendments prohibiting such unions, NOM expanded its anti-LGBT advocacy beyond the single issue of opposing same-sex marriage. While Pride parades and festivals have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers are planning virtual Pride celebrations throughout June. In his email, Brown applauded the Trump administration’s “rollback” of gains made under the Obama administration, a possible reference to transgender rights, including open military service, and LGBT workplace discrimination. “[N]othing – not pandemics, nor tens of millions of people being out of work, nor race riots in the streets – can be allowed to shutter the annual celebration of all things gay,” Brown wrote.


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