ADDED ON: 01/10/2019

For LGBTI People in Lebanon, They Go Through Their Own Stonewall

01/08/2019 | Gay Star News

It is reported that on the night of June 28, 1969, transgender revolutionary Sylvia Rivera, infuriated and exhausted with the way the queer community had been treated, took off her shoe and flung it at the heads of the NYPD officers arresting her community during their raid of the Stonewall Inn. The events of that night are something that LGBTQ activists in Lebanon, and the wider Arab World, recognize all too well. In our imagination, demonstrations aimed at liberation often start the same way Stonewall did: Police brutality and corruption reach intolerable proportion, they target the most vulnerable, the people are fed up, and all that legitimate anger and frustration spills onto the streets and crescendos to a sweeping riot.


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