ADDED ON: 07/07/2020

For Lesbians, TikTok Is ‘the Next Tinder’

06/29/2020 | New York Times

Young women feeling alienated by dating apps and bar culture are finding love on their For You pages. On Feb. 3, Lauren Vlach received $8 on Venmo, spread across four $2 payments, from a girl she had never met. Each payment included a block of text; read together, they formed what Cas Stephens, who sent the payments, titled her “girlfriend application” to Ms. Vlach. Name: Cas Stephens Location: Minnesota One of the pros of dating her: “Can do a backflip on a snowboard.” One of the cons: “Have not seen any Disney movies.” Though she pursued her on Venmo, Ms. Stephens, 20, found Ms. Vlach, 22, on TikTok, where her videos were racking up thousands of views. Ms. Stephens, on the other hand, didn’t have a profile picture yet. She figured it would be easier to get Ms. Vlach’s attention elsewhere, and seized on the Venmo handle listed in her bio.


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