ADDED ON: 11/21/2020

For Hungary’s same-sex couples, a narrow window to adopt is closing

11/20/2020 | Reuters

After three years, Marton Pal and his partner Adam Hanol received the phone call they had been waiting for in 2018 and a few months later they adopted Andris, a smart and lively boy who has since turned four. As a Hungarian same-sex couple, the only way to adopt was if Pal applied as a single person. During interviews they told the adoption agency that they were in fact a couple. After 6 months, he got the permission. In the same year they decided Andris should have a brother or sister, and this time Hanol applied. They have been waiting since November 2018 for the phone to ring again. Now they fear that call will never come, since Hungary’s nationalist government is putting forward legislation that would practically ban adoption by same-sex couples in what rights groups have said is an attack on the LGBTQ community.


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