ADDED ON: 06/12/2020

For gay stars of banned condom ad, no let-up in Poland’s LGBT rights clampdown

06/11/2020 | Reuters

For Jakub Kwiecinski, a ban by Poland’s public broadcaster on a condom advert featuring him and his husband has come as no surprise, but it does make him uneasy about what targets a government clampdown on LGBT rights will pick on next. The advert features both gay and straight couples, and broadcaster TVP told Reuters its decision not to air the footage in the staunchly Catholic country followed “a large number of complaints …about advertising clips with intimate content.” It did not specify further. But the ban, which took effect this week, roughly coincided with a promise by President Andrzej Duda, an ally of the governing right-wing nationalist PiS party, to allow no teaching of LGBT issues in schools if he wins a second term in office on June 28.


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