ADDED ON: 03/24/2020

Five Ways COVID-19 Impacts Global LGBTQ Advocacy

03/23/2020 | Human Rights Campaign

COVID-19 continues to disrupt everyday work life for a growing majority of Americans. As an advocate for global LGBTQ equality, that disruption feels even more acute, with the rapid spread of the virus to 159 countries and the ever-evolving restrictions on international travel and in-country movement. While connecting with people around the world today has never been easier, the work of global LGBTQ advocacy often requires bringing people together beyond borders. This is particularly the case for those living in places where the fight for rights is already difficult and the need for engaging with international allies has great impact. How do LGBTQ advocates recognize the ways COVID-19 is impacting that work and support those feeling the crunch, even as they continue to safeguard gains made, push back against anti-LGBTQ agendas and care for their community and own well-being? Here are five ways COVID-19 is impacting global LGBTQ advocacy.


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