ADDED ON: 06/27/2022

First Russia, Then Hungary, Now Romania Is Considering A ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

06/26/2022 | Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

BUCHAREST — Romania is considering a bill that would ban minors from being exposed to so-called “gay propaganda” in schools and in public life, despite warnings from rights groups that it would “fuel Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns” and reinstate censorship in the former communist country. Seven lawmakers from the ethnic Hungarian UDMR, a junior ruling coalition party, initiated the bill under the guise of preventing child abuse and promoting child rights. The Senate tacitly approved the bill on April 27 and parliament’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, which has the final say, is due to vote this month. The parliamentarians supporting the bill have said Romania was under threat from gender theories that have “taken Western Europe by storm” and are “endangering Christian values and the traditional Christian family.”


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