ADDED ON: 07/21/2020

First Romanian trans woman to run for office vows to support women, sex workers and Roma

07/20/2020 | Pink News

Antonella Lerca, a Roma woman and sex worker, is campaigning to run as an independent candidate for District 2 in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Launching her campaign today, she told PinkNews that she’d grown tired of seeing no representation of LGBT+ people in politics and this had made her decide to run herself. “I’d had enough of rich white privileged men making decisions for vulnerable communities in Romania,” Lerca said, “like the Roma community, transgender community and sex worker community – the three communities I am part of.” “We don’t have anyone from the LGBT+ community in Romanian politics. I face a lot of conservative people,” she continued. Lerca, 30, added that she will draw on eight years experience as a human-rights activist in her campaign. “I’ve met a lot of vulnerable communities,” she said. “My entire life experience has given me the power to make this decision.”


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