ADDED ON: 06/14/2021

Filipino LGBTQIA advocates seek clarity on stance of politicians for 2022 elections

06/13/2021 | Outrage Magazine

LGBTQIA Filipino organizations released an open letter seeking clarifications on the political stance towards LGBTQIA issues of politicians and political parties or coalitions engaging in the 2022 National Elections. “The contributions of the (LGBTQIA community) can no longer be ignored,” the letter stated, adding that with this, “our human rights must be positioned within a broader electoral agenda.” There are specific questions the LGBTQIA organizations and people want to be clarified, i.e.: On a SOGIE-inclusive anti-discrimination law,
what is your position on the passage of national anti-discrimination legislation that protects the rights of LGBTQIA persons from all forms of discrimination and violence, and guarantees inclusion and equality in all spheres?


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