ADDED ON: 09/18/2020

Fiji: A long way to go for LGBTQ equality

09/17/2020 | Fiji Times

Fiji’s growth in achieving transgender rights and freedom is less than 1 per cent, says founder of Transgender Fiji Network, Dr Isireli Biumaitotoya. Dr Biumaitotoya said Fiji had a long way to go to achieve equal treatment of transgenders. “Revolving around a little pool of muddy water where people don’t have clear thinking and don’t have education, so much fear, so much vilification and hate. We have a long way to go to progress,” said the doctor. After observing the treatment of transgenders, the doctor regarded Fijian society as “homophobic”. Dr Biumaitotoya highlighted that despite having a law that protects them, the views of society and its leaders contradicted its practice. “Our 2013 Constitution protects sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions and part of it is gay marriage but our major politicians are restricting it which reflects a flaw in our system.”


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