ADDED ON: 11/16/2022

Fighting for change in Senegal, lesbian activist sees a long, difficult road ahead

11/15/2022 | Erasing 76 Crimes

In a short interview, Senegalese lesbian activist Guadalupe Dansokho (a pseudonym), presents her unvarnished observations of her home country — plagued with femicides, ruled by power-hungry men, and near the bottom of the world’s worst nations in terms of gender equality. Dansokho is a militant lesbian in her 30s who belongs to a feminist group in Senegal. In an interview with Erasing 76 Crimes, she focused on gender violence and the country’s male-dominated politics: Guadalupe Dansokho: Following the recent legislative elections of July 31, 2022, we find ourselves with a fragmented parliament and a government weakened by the wear and tear of years in power, in the confused atmosphere of the end of their era. The ruling coalition (United for Hope) led by the presidential majority lost its absolute majority in the last elections.


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