ADDED ON: 07/17/2020

Fight over equal rights for LGBT people divides Italy

07/16/2020 | Financial Times

Three weeks on from the brutal attack in the Italian city of Pescara that left a young gay man needing reconstructive facial surgery, Lorenzo has joined a small gathering on the busy waterfront to demand justice. “After what happened, no one in the LGBT community feels able to walk freely,” said Lorenzo, holding the rainbow tote bag he bought at last month’s gay pride event, Pescara’s first. “The sense is that there could be aggression at any time. Everyone feels threatened,” added the 33-year-old, who asked for his surname not to be used. The circumstances of last month’s attack are still being investigated but, according to news reports, a group of seven individuals attacked the 25-year-old victim as he walked with his boyfriend. The young man was punched repeatedly and so violently that his jaw was smashed and had to be rebuilt using titanium.


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