ADDED ON: 06/07/2022

Fight looms over transgender treatments in Medicaid.

06/06/2022 | WJCT

National and state legal and LGBTQ-advocacy groups are preparing to fight a move by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration to deny Medicaid coverage for treatments such as hormone therapy and puberty-blocking medication for transgender people. Lambda Legal, the National Health Law Program, the Florida Health Justice Project and Southern Legal Counsel issued a statement Friday, a day after the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration announced it would start a rule-making process related to treatment for gender dysphoria. The groups sharply criticized a report that the Agency for Health Care Administration is using as a basis for the expected effort to deny Medicaid coverage for the treatments. The statement called the report “disingenuous” and said it “draws on junk science and cites discredited so-called experts to justify denying Medicaid coverage for hormone therapy and other accepted medical interventions, as well as for gender-confirming surgery.”


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