ADDED ON: 05/16/2022

FIFA issues Warning to Qatar Hotels Over LGBTQ+ Discrimination

05/15/2022 | Surprise Sports

Hotels or other service providers that discriminate against people in the LGBTQ+ community during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will have their contracts revoked, FIFA said on Saturday. FIFA will properly assess allegations of discrimination against gay couples and take appropriate action if deemed necessary, the world football governing body said in a statement. It was revealed after a media survey that several Qatari hotels on FIFA’s proposed accommodation list are preparing to deny access to LGBTQ+ people. According to reports, journalists from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway pretended to be gay couples and called on them to book rooms for their honeymoon at numerous hotels in Qatar. FIFA has refused to reserve rooms for journalists as a gay couple in at least three of the 69 approved hotels. Meanwhile, another 20 hotels on the same list agreed to allow journalists to stay because they would not disclose their sexual orientation while in Qatar. On the other hand, 33 hotels have said that gay couples have no problem staying on their premises.


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