ADDED ON: 05/04/2020

‘Fearless’ Scots lawyer who worked to decriminalise sex between men found dead in his home

05/03/2020 | Pink News

65-year-old Derek Ogg QC was found dead at his home in Langside, Glasgow on the evening of May 1. There are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. The legal titan was a pioneer for gay rights in Scotland from the 1970s onwards, campaigning for the decriminalisation of sex between men and to remove discrimination from the law. In the 1980s he co-founded the country’s first AIDS charity, the Scottish Aids Monitor group, which helped to spread information about the virus. In the final years of his life Ogg was a driving force behind the introduction of automatic pardons for gay and bisexual men convicted of sexual offences that are no longer illegal in Scotland.


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