ADDED ON: 08/14/2019

Fear: If unchained, faith-based bias would crush LGBT medical care

08/13/2019 | Rights Africa

Gay Africans barred from medical care. A rise in HIV infections in homophobic countries. Reduced access to health care for LGBTI people both in the United States and abroad. Those are some of the consequences that human-rights and health-care activists fear if the United States adopts a current proposal to allow U.S.-funded health care providers to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs. “This regulation is really dangerous,” says Kikonyogo Kivumbi, executive director of the Uganda Health and Science Press Association. “The proposed rule will endanger the health and well-being of all Americans, particularly LGBT people, but also have dire implications on overseas vulnerable populations including LGBT persons.” “The regulation, if passed, will cause a halt, scale-back or abandonment of vital LGBTI and vulnerable populations’ access to life-saving care, treatment and support in HIV management. It will mean that overseas faith-based health care providers, recipients of U.S. federal tax credits, can send away patients based on their religious values,” Kivumbi said.


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