ADDED ON: 04/12/2020

‘Father’ of modern Iraqi architecture dies after contracting coronavirus

04/11/2020 | Middle East Eye

Rifat Chadirji, a man often referred to as the father of modern Iraqi architecture, has died after contracting coronavirus. The 93-year-old architect and photographer was living in London when he was diagnosed with coronavirus. Throughout his life he was responsible for more than 100 buildings across Iraq. Among his most famous works were the Baghdad Central Post Office, the Baghdad Gymnasium, the Tobacco Warehouse and the Freedom Monument at Tahrir Square, which he built along with principle designer Jawad Saleem. The National Insurance Company in Mosul, a seven-storey building built in 1969, made headlines around the world after it was used by the militant group as an execution method for suspected LGBT people, who were thrown from the top by IS to their deaths.


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