ADDED ON: 06/25/2019

Far-Right TFP Funded Launch of Conservative Catholic Activist Group in Netherlands

06/24/2019 | Right Wing Watch

In another example of cross-fertilization between right-wing movements in the Americas and Europe, Tradition, Family and Property helped fund and train activists in the Netherlands who created a group called Civitas Christiana, according to a report in the newspaper NRC published last week. A photo accompanying the NRC story shows Civitas Christiana chairman Hugo Bos and another activist sporting the bright red sashes that make TFP’s U.S. branch a visible presence at Religious Right conferences and public actions opposing marriage equality. According to NRC’s Charlotte Bouwman, Bos has worked full-time for Civitas Christiana for five years, and his group now has 11 employees who wage culture war battles on three fronts. Civitas Christiana has three main campaigns: Culture under Fire, aimed at the preservation of Dutch culture and Christian traditions, including Zwarte Piet; Family in Danger, against ‘the LGBT-plus propaganda and gender ideology’, and Stirezo, the Foundation for Law Without Distinction, founded in 1973, which opposes abortion. All campaigns of the foundation are counter-revolutionary, says Bos. “Our mission is to defend Christian civilization and we base our actions on God’s law and on natural law.”


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