ADDED ON: 06/05/2019

Far-right extremists vow to disrupt Jerusalem Pride Parade

06/04/2019 | Times of Israel

The leader of a far right-wing group said Tuesday his organization plans to disrupt this week’s Jerusalem Pride Parade in order to fight what he called “LGBT terrorism.” Bentzi Gopstein said his Lehava organization has received a police permit to stage a protest near the annual parade on Thursday and would use loudspeakers to disrupt the marchers who “are bringing disaster to Israel.” “The purpose of the march is to dissolve the values ​​of the Jewish family and to turn Jerusalem and all of Israel into Sodom,” Gopstein said in a statement. Lehava opposes intermarriage and the assimilation of Jews and LGBT rights and tries to stifle any public activity by non-Jews in Israel. Lawmakers across the political spectrum have tried to designate it as a terrorist group.


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