ADDED ON: 08/14/2019

Far-right anti-gay party links LGBT, Reform Jews to Nazis

08/14/2019 | Times of Israel

A new campaign video by the Noam party, which went viral on Tuesday evening among Hebrew-speaking social media users, compares Reform Jews, left-wing activists and gay rights advocates to Nazis and Palestinian suicide bombers, saying all of them “want to destroy us.” The far-right conservative religious party has polled far below any chance of passing the 3.25-percent vote threshold for entering the Knesset, but has made combating LGBT acceptance the focus of its fledgling campaign. It has funded provocative billboards and video ads with the slogan “Israel chooses to be normal,” and claimed the LGBT community has “forced its agenda” on the rest of Israeli society. The latest video opens with the warning, “Since our very birth, they’ve been trying to destroy us.” The warning is set against a backdrop of video footage of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler calling for “the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.”


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