ADDED ON: 05/05/2020

False marriage claims in Tunisia have led to anti-LGBT+ attacks 04 MAY 2020

05/04/2020 | Gay Star News

Reports of Tunisia becoming the first Arab country to recognise a same-sex marriage have put LGBT+ people in danger. Tunisian LGBT+ organization Mawjoudin – We Exist – told GSN the reports are wrong and ‘disappointing’. They admit that officials in Tunisia may have made an administrative mistake. But they say Tunisia did not recognize a same-sex marriage as legitimate. And they say those who circulated the story are just trying to grab headlines. Moreover, they said the reports, including in international and some LGBT+ media, have caused ‘a wave of queerphobic speech, attacks and bullying’. The case involves a Frenchman aged 31 and a Tunisian man aged 26. Both have remained anonymous for their safety. The marriage took place in France. But Tunisian officials allegedly noted it in the birth certificate of the Tunisian man, allowing him to obtain a visa for family reunification.


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