ADDED ON: 08/04/2020

Fact check: “Clovergender” is an alt-right hoax

08/03/2020 | Reuters

Posts on social media claim that people identifying as “Clovergender” are attempting to justify pedophilia. This damaging claim stems from an alt-right hoax intended to slur members of the LGBT community. According to one of the posts, the premise of the term “clovergender” is that “a person is a younger age at heart and therefore it’s okay for them to be with someone much younger, even if they’re an adult and the person they want to be with is a minor.” According to The Advocate, a magazine that focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer news and politics, former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli began “promoting ‘clovergender,’ an identity concocted by trolls to mock LGBT people” on January 4, 2017. As reported by Snopes two days later, Shkreli tweeted “Please spread clovergender awareness,” linking to a Twitter account that no longer exists.


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