ADDED ON: 10/06/2018

Facebook’s Political Ad Policy Also Blocked LGBT Messages

10/05/2018 | Engadget

Facebook’s tougher political advertising policy has had more unintended side-effects. The Washington Post has discovered that the social network inadvertently blocked dozens of LGBT-themed ads after its screening system (which includes automated and human moderators) deemed them political. Most didn’t contain advocacy or obvious political leanings — the only common link was a reference to LGBT keywords. When the ad runners complained to Facebook, it responded more than once that mentioning LGBT made it about civil rights and thus a “political topic.” Spokeswoman Devon Kearns said the ads had been “incorrectly labeled” and has removed them from its archive. She stressed that people at Facebook “do not consider” every LGBT ad to be political and claimed that “several” of the ads took political stances.


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