ADDED ON: 07/06/2020

Facebook Urged to Do More to Stop LGBT+ Hate Speech in Arab Countries

07/05/2020 | Ha Aretz

LGBT+ rights groups urged Facebook on Tuesday to act on a rise in online hate speech after the death of an Egyptian activist jailed for waving the rainbow flag. The letter from activist groups in the Middle East and North Africa added to the pressure on Facebook to do more to block hate speech after an advertising boycott by hundreds of U.S. brands. Sarah Hegazy was found dead two weeks ago in her apartment in Canada, the country she fled to after being charged with “promoting sexual deviancy” in Egypt, where discrimination against the LGBT+ community is rife. Since then, posts containing hate speech, death threats and threats of violence have been posted and shared in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, including an image of a rainbow-coloured stick figure being kicked.


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