ADDED ON: 08/15/2018

Facebook Investigating Online Abuse of Samoan Author Who Advocates LGBT Rights

08/15/2018 | TVNZ

Samoan author Lani Wendt Young is no stranger to online abuse. She has spoken out on her blog and social media as a survivor of child sexual abuse and is an LGBT rights advocate — both highly contentious issues in conservative Samoa. But none of her previous experience with bullying on Facebook over the past two years has prepared her for the torrent of threats — of death, rape and otherwise — that began in January on the platform. A new abuser took the form of a notorious, but anonymous Samoan blog, which is run by multiple people, Ms Wendt Young said. “I had one man in particular who was quite upset with me, writing to tell me that he was going to chop me up and drag my carcass behind his truck, cook me in an umu,” she said, using the Samoan word for an earth oven.


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