ADDED ON: 06/17/2021

Exclusive-Hungary could be sanctioned over anti-LGBT+ law, warns EU equality chief

06/15/2021 | 

The EU could impose funding restrictions on Hungary over legislation that bans the dissemination in schools of content deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change, the bloc’s equality chief told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Tuesday. Speaking shortly before Hungary’s parliament approved the ban, European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli said Brussels was prepared to take measures similar to those imposed on Polish regions that had declared themselves “LGBT-free”. “The message is that if you don’t uphold the values of democracy or equality of the European Union, you are not entitled to take money for your project,” Dalli said in an interview by video call. Asked if the EU was likely to impose similar sanctions on Hungary if the ruling party’s bill became law, Dalli said: “Yes, of course. Definitely.”


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