ADDED ON: 11/24/2020

Evangelical pastor forces delay in Dominica lawsuit

11/23/2020 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Conservative Christians in Dominica are seeking to torpedo a lawsuit that challenges the nation’s anti-sodomy law. Merely by requesting the right to enter the lawsuit, an evangelical pastor today brought about the removal of the judge overseeing the case. Because the lawsuit has nothing to do with religious freedom, lawsuit supporter Jamaican/Canadian activist Maurice Tomlinson says, “the reasons for the churches seeking to enter the case are laughable.” The lawsuit was filed in July 2019 by a gay Dominican man whose name was withheld for his protection. It challenges Dominica’s laws that criminalize “buggery” and “gross indecency,” targeting the consensual sexual activity of LGBT people. The High Court in Dominica on Nov. 17 was asked to add the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC) as a third-party defendant in the suit. The association’s rationale for joining the lawsuit is that the case could “impair or impede [Christians’] moral rights”.


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