ADDED ON: 01/13/2023

European court issues judgment over LGBT work discrimination

01/23/23 | The First News

The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has ruled that sexual orientation cannot be a reason to refuse to conclude a contract with a self-employed person, in a case brought by a Polish man. The plaintiff had worked for state-owned broadcaster TVP for seven years on a self-employed basis and had series of fixed-term contracts. In December 2017, he and his partner posted a video clip to YouTube of a Christmas song promoting tolerance towards same-sex couples, shortly after which the TV station ceased cooperating with him. Considering the decision to be based on discrimination against his orientation, the man took the case to the Warsaw Regional Court to demand compensation. The Warsaw court referred the case to the CJEU to clarify whether an EU directive on equal treatment precluded national legislation in regard to contracts with self-employed people.


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