ADDED ON: 04/28/2020

EU urged to act as Hungary’s far-right government moves to end legal recognition of trans people

04/27/2020 | The Independent

The European Union has been urged to take action against the Hungarian government as it moves to push through “discriminatory” legalisation that would end the legal recognition of trans people within the country. The bill, which says that gender should be defined as “biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes”, was first submitted to parliament last month as authorities introduced a series of controversial measures aimed at tackling Hungary’s Covid-19 outbreak. According to the first draft, people’s sex would be recorded “at birth”, making it impossible to later change this status. Although a date has yet to be established for when the bill will be put to a vote, it is continuing to be discussed in parliamentary committees, indicating the government’s willingness to push ahead with the legislation.


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