ADDED ON: 04/03/2020

EU lawmakers condemn Hungary for ‘attack’ on trans people over sex on IDs

04/02/2020 | Reuters

European Union (EU) lawmakers on Thursday criticized Hungary for trying to ban transgender people from changing their sex on some official documents as a “deliberate” attack on the community. The ruling Fidesz party proposed on Tuesday to change the law so that birth, marriage and death certificates show “sex at birth” – reversing a policy that allowed trans people to change their legal sex to match the gender in which they live. “This attack on the trans community is outrageous and deliberate,” Marc Angel, a member of the European Parliament and co-president of its informal Intergroup on LGBTI Rights, said in a statement reacting to the omnibus bill. “This move does not only intentionally silence the trans community – it seeks to erase it and deny its existence.” The Hungarian government’s International Communications Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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