ADDED ON: 11/11/2020

Estonia’s Anti-LGBT Minister Resigns Over Biden Remarks

11/10/2020 | South Florida Gay News

Estonia’s anti-LGBT, far-right interior minister, Mart Helme, resigned Nov. 9, a day after he called President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter “corrupt characters” without providing further details or evidence. “Last night I decided to resign [when] looking at the slander and lies produced by the Estonian media,” said Helme, of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party, or EKRE. “I am tired. I did nothing yesterday that would endanger Estonia’s security. I have not said anything that has not already been told by the American media, the American free media,” he told public broadcaster ERR. He made the remarks on an Estonian radio show Nov. 8 which interviewed both Mart Helme and his son Martin, who is the country’s finance minister. There they also discussed a hypothetical scenario of a U.S. civil war after the election result.


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