ADDED ON: 03/10/2019

Equality Florida Sounds Alarm Over Preemption Bill

03/07/2019 | South Florida Gay News

Equality Florida, the only statewide LGBT rights group, is sounding an alarm over HB 3, which could threaten local LGBT rights protections if passed. “So House Bill three is a sweeping preemption of local government regulations. Basically, anything that touches business, occupation, paid employment, and the sale of goods or services. So that’s a very wide scope,” said Jon Harris Maurer,Equality Florida’s Public Policy Director. “There are a number of concerns that Equality Florida has for thebill, but specifically on its potential impact for LGBTQ equality. We have concerns that the legislation would threaten human rights ordinances, conversion therapy bills, and equal benefits ordinances. Currently 60 percent of Floridians are covered by non-discrimination ordinances.”


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