ADDED ON: 01/11/2023

England and Wales’ census records trans and queer populations for the first time ever

01/10/2023 | Xtra

For the first time ever, the number of trans and non-binary residents of England and Wales has been counted in the population census. The 2021 England and Wales population census marked the first time that respondents’ sexuality and gender identity has been recorded in the survey’s 220-year history, with new data regarding the country’s LGBTQ+ community released last Friday. According to the polling, 0.5 percent of people aged 15 or older identify as a gender different to their birth sex—which amounts to around 262,000 people—and 3.2 percent identify as a sexual orientation other than straight. Of the latter group, 1.5 percent identify as gay or lesbian, and 1.3 percent described themselves as bisexual. Of the 44.9 million people polled, 89.4 percent identify as straight and 8 percent opted not to disclose their sexuality. Findings also suggest that Brighton and Hove have the highest overall lesbian, gay and bisexual population, and Norwich has the highest number of bisexual residents, while Rochford, Essex, is the straightest town in England and Wales.


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