ADDED ON: 11/26/2020

#EndSARS: LGBT Nigerians get extra help to cope with crisis

11/24/2020 | Rights Africa

More than a dozen LGBT Nigerians suffering from violence stirred up by #EndSARS protests have benefited from an emergency community relief program run by the LGBTIQ+ advocacy site NoStringsNG. The program provided help to members of the community who were impacted by violence that was triggered by Nigeria’s nationwide #EndSARS protests against police brutality. During the protests, many LGBTIQ+ Nigerians lost income because they lived in locations where the government imposed 24- or 48-hour curfews in an attempt to put an end to killings and unrest. Others were stranded away from home in need of temporary safe shelter, short on food, or needing medical attention. Approximately 15 LGBT persons received support through the initiative, which was launched in late October by NoStringsNG.


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