ADDED ON: 02/23/2021

Empowering the transgender community to facilitate their access to justice in Armenia

02/22/2021 | Council of Europe

The RighT Side Human Rights Defender NGO in Armenia is implementing until July 2021 a national project aims at empowering the transgender community to facilitate their access to justice in Armenia, with the support of the European Union/Council of Europe joint programme Partnership for Good Governance, and its regional project “Strengthening access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes in the Eastern Partnership”. This project aims at empowering and building the capacity of young transgender people on human rights and fundamental freedoms, protection mechanisms from hate speech, hate crime and discrimination, advocacy and campaigning for the safety and well-being of Transgender people in Armenia. The NGO will train the Transgender community young representatives on self-protection mechanisms from hate speech, hate crimes and discrimination, equip them with advocacy and campaigning skills for human rights and equality, establish a dialogue and alliances between Transgender community and NGO representatives to combat discrimination more effectively through joint cooperation and active civic participation. The activities are also directed to impact and raise the public understanding about Transgender issues by increasing visibility of the community and breaking the norms and stereotypes about them. This project is a step forward for increasing the well-being, harmonious and secure life of Transgender people and for contributing to the strengthening of democracy and equality in Armenia.


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